Mark On Call™ HD: Frequently Asked Questions

On which platforms is Mark On Call™ available?

Mark on Call™ is currently available exclusively on the Apple iOS platform for the Apple iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch devices.

Where can I download Mark on Call™ HD?

Mark on Call™ HD is available the Apple App Store.

Measurement System & Currency Settings

Which types of measurement systems does MOC HD support?

MOC HD supports both the English (Imperial) and Metric (SI) measurement systems. The measurement system will default based on your device’s region settings.

How do I change my preferred measurement system?

  1. Tap ‘English/Metric Settings’
  2. Choose: a) ‘feet and inches’, b) ‘inches only’ or c) ‘meters’.
  3. A checkmark to the right of the button will indicate your preference is now active.

* Please note: room sizes will always display in feet and inches (or meters and centimeters).

How do I change my currency setting?

  1. Launch your ‘General Settings’ app
  2. Tap ‘General’
  3. Choose ‘International’
  4. Tap ‘Region Format’
  5. Checkmark select desired region or country

Help Screens

Where are the help screens and how do they work?

Tap the lower right ‘?’ icons on any screen for help using that specific screen or neighboring screen(s).

My Floor Plans & Rooms

Where and what are the Sample Plans?

MOC HD comes preloaded with both furnished and unfurnished sample floor plans and can be accessed from the main menu (‘My Floor Plans & Rooms’ → ‘Floor Plans’ screen).

How do I save my floor plans and rooms?

MOC HD automatically saves and stores your floor plans and rooms (including all applicable shopping lists) locally to your iPad. PLEASE NOTE: If you (a) delete the app off of your iPad, (b) lose your iPad and do not have your iPad backed up, or (c) need to restore your iPad: all floor plans and rooms will also be deleted.

Can I remotely backup and/or transfer my rooms?

Yes. You may ‘Publish’ or ‘Import’ your rooms at any time. This lets you “backup” your room plans and/or transfer them between devices. NOTE: publishing your design makes it available to you (the creator) and also to other MOC HD users. You are the only one able to delete the original, but if another person imports and re-exports it, they control this new version. Please consider this “open source” sharing before publishing.

Also note: Designs created with MOC HD for iPad may only be published (exported) to other iPads but the iPad version can import from any iOS device. The iPhone version can publish (export) to any iOS device, but can ONLY import other iPhone/iPod Touch designs.

How do I share my designs with other people that do not have MOC HD?

  1. 1. From the “Room Layout” screen of any room, tap the ‘action’ icon (square icon with right arrow coming out).
  2. Choose ‘Email Room Picture’ or ‘Email w/Inventory’.
  3. Your email client will open in-app with a .JPEG file copy of your design attached.
  4.  Input email address and send.

NOTE: this version of your design is NOT editable and is only a picture for display purposes. ‘Email w/Inventory’ will include two tables separated by ‘Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment’ (FF&E) and ‘Architectural’ items. The name, count and dimension are included.

Layering Items

How do I layer items using MOC HD?

This version now offers auto-layering. For example, rugs will automatically lie under sofas, tables above chairs, lights above tables. We will offer overriding capabilities in a future edition.

Custom Textures: Items, Flooring & Background

How do I add custom textures to items?

  1. Double-tap the item
  2. Tap ‘color’
  3. From the popover, choose ‘Custom’ and tap the ‘+’ icon
  4. Pick ‘Take a Picture’ or ‘Choose Existing Photo’ (from your “Camera Roll” or “Photo Library”)
  5. Take a picture or select desired image
  6. Move and scale to include entire pattern and then tap ‘Choose’
  7.  Tap ‘Done’
  8. Tap ‘Save’ and the custom texture will be added

How do I add custom textures to flooring and background?

Use the same process above to add a custom texture to your flooring or background. You may access this by tapping the ‘Details’ button on the “Room Layout” screen.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When you “skin” or “wallpaper” your personal image(s) (any image from your iPad camera, “Camera Roll”, or “Photo Library” that is stored on your iPad) onto your item(s), flooring, or background (note: images will automatically resize to fit) within this program, it may cause visual distortions. If this occurs, simply select the dominant color from ‘Colors’ and use this color as representation. For best image rendering results use bright (daytime preferable) indirect lighting, keeping the camera motionless while taking your picture. Quality of images can vary with differences in lighting, and other known and unknown factors. This program is meant to give you a general idea of how colors, textures, and patterns work together in your space. Actual paint chip,finish, pattern, or texture samples, etc., should be used to make accurate design decisions.


What about passageways?

When creating your room, remember to allow adequate space for passageways between furniture pieces; be sure to allow two feet (or about 60 cm) for your chair egress [proper egress gives you enough space to comfortably slide your chair(s) out from under your table(s)]. This will make your design work in real life — not just for this app!

Getting Started

How do I get started?

  1. Read and answer the “Space Programming” questions.
  2. Read and follow “Building Steps” located in the main menu.
  3. Use your floor plan “Shopping Lists” (Mark On Call™ HD list for your notes on showroom/store locations, prices, model numbers, floor model images, etc. for a given floor plan) as a tool for purchasing decisions.
  4. Read and answer “Room Checkout” questions after you have designed your room(s) to help you apply the ten commandments of home design to your living space.

Floor Plans Screen

How do I create a new floor plan?

  1. Tap the ‘+’ button located in the lower left corner.
  2. Tap ‘name’ row labeled “New Floor Plan” and supply a name for the new floor plan on typing screen that appears.
  3. Tap ‘Save’ twice and your new floor plan name will appear on the “Floor Plans” screen.

How do I change a floor plan name or add notes to a floor plan?

  1. Tap the disclosure button (right white arrow in a blue circle) to the right of the floor plan name.
  2. Tap ‘name’ or ‘notes’ and edit with the typing screen.
  3. Tap ‘Save’ or ‘Cancel’ to close popover screen.

How do I delete a floor plan?

  1. Tap ‘Edit’ on the “Floor Plans” screen.
  2. A white ‘-’ in a red circle button will appear to the left of the floor plan names. Tap this button on the row of the floor plan(s) you wish to delete.
  3. Tap the ‘Delete’ button that appears.
  4. Repeat as desired.
  5. Tap ‘Done’ when finished with your deletions or to cancel.

* PLEASE NOTE: once the ‘Delete’ button is selected, it will PERMANENTLY DELETE your floor plan and all corresponding rooms (and the shopping list) associated with it.

Rooms Screen

How do I add a new room to my floor plan?

  1. Tap the ‘+’ button in the lower left corner. This takes you to the “Room Details” screen.
  2. Tap ‘Save’. You may tap ‘Cancel’ to undo.

How do I delete a room?

  1. Tap ‘Edit’ on the “Rooms” screen. All rooms will have a white ‘-‘ button in a red circle.
  2. Tap the red circle and then tap the ‘Delete’ button that appears.
  3. Press ‘Done’ when finished deleting your room(s) or to cancel.

How do I get to the “Room Layout” screen?

Tapping any space in the room’s row (other than the disclosure button) and it will take you to the “Room Layout” screen which will allow you to add furniture, reshape your room, and much more.

How do I import room designs?

  1. Simply tap the bottom center ‘Import’ button to import floor plan rooms that have been published to the Gallery by yourself and other users of Mark On Call HD or Mark On Call for iPhone.
  2. Choose ‘Just My Rooms’ or checkmark select by room type, then tap ‘Browse Rooms’. You may also search by a username.
  3. Select or scroll for a room and then tap either ‘Copy Into (your floor plan name)’, tap the trash icon to delete a personally published design, ‘More’ to load more rooms, or ‘Cancel’ to close the “Import” screen.

The Gallery can be used to backup your rooms, move your room(s) to another floor plan, create templates, or as another form of sharing. Any design imported may be further customized by yourself or another user.

PLEASE NOTE: all published room data will be publicly available (designs, layouts, custom textures, shopping lists, etc) to other users.

ALSO NOTE: Designs created with MOC HD for iPad may only be published (exported) to other iPads but the iPad version can import from any iOS device. The iPhone version can publish (export) to any iOS device, but can ONLY import other iPhone/iPod Touch designs.

How do I access the “Room Details” screen?

To access this screen, please tap the disclosure button (white arrow in blue circle to the right of the room name). The “Room Details” pop-up screen will appear and you may edit the room name, general width and depth dimensions, floor and background color/texture, room grid on/off setting, and notes. You can also tap the details ‘i’ button on the “Room Layout” screen.

Room Layout Screen

How do I move an item?

  1. 1. Single tap an item to switch back and forth between the move and rotate modes (blue symbol will appear on top of the item).
  2. 2. Press and hold item until it becomes slightly transparent.
  3. 3. Either twist or move item to desired position.

How do I use the measure tool?

  1. From the “Room Layout” screen, select the measuring tape icon
  2. Tap, hold and drag first crosshair to desired location and release
  3. Tap, hold and drag second crosshair to desired location and release
  4. The distance between the two points will display the measurement
  5. Repeat as desired

How do I return to the previous screen?

Tap your floor plan name located in the upper left corner.

How do I access the “Room Editor”?

Tap the upper right ‘Edit’ button.

How do I pan and zoom?

Pan and zoom in and out at any time while in the move mode. The move mode is the default setting and the icon is next to the measure tool at the bottom left center of the screen.

How do I add an item to my room?

  1. Tap the lower left ‘+’ button This takes you to the item picker area where there are five menu options displayed on the bottom screen. From bottom left to right the menu buttons are initially set at: ‘Living Room’, ‘Bedroom’, ‘Architectural’, ‘Dining Room’, ‘Bathroom’, ‘Kitchen’, ‘My Items’ and ‘More’. Tapping ‘More’ takes you to the other four categories (eleven total categories) which are from top to bottom: ‘Appliances’, ‘Garage/Workshop’, ‘Generics’ and ‘All’.
  2. Tap an item and it will appear in the center of the room at its preset size (which you can always change in its “Item Details”).

*** Tap a room item once to view its name and dimensions.
*** Tap any room item twice to enter its “Item Details” screen.
**** Single tap an item to swith between move and rotate modes. Tap, hold until item becomes transparent and then either slide or twist.

How do I configure (or rearrange) categories in the item picker area?

From the “More” screen in the item picker area tap the ‘Edit’ button and it will take you to the “Configure” screen. You may drag any upper category icon down to replace any of the seven menu choices at the bottom of the screen. When you are finished here, tap ‘Done’ (upper right button) to return. Please note: you cannot relocate the ‘More’ button.

Each category contains several individual room item selections you may add to your room. Sliding the screen from right to left will allow you to access additional screens of any category items (if they exist).

What is the ‘My Items’ category and how does it work?

‘My Items’ lets you take any room item from any category and rename, resize, color and save it as your own custom item. In order for your custom room item to be edited, saved and appear under the ‘My Items’ category, you must tap the ‘Save to My Items’ button on its “Item Details” screen after you have customized it.
From the “My Items” screen, add your custom item to your room by simply tapping its icon.

How do I delete a custom item?

1. Tap ‘Edit’ on the “My Items” screen. The icons will wiggle and an upper left red ‘X’ will appear.
2. Tap the ‘X’ and confirm the item’s deletion by tapping the red ‘Delete’ button or choose ‘Cancel’ to go back.

How do I edit one of my custom room items?

1. Tap anywhere on the icon but the ‘X’ when it’s in edit mode (icons are wiggling). Its current “Item Details” screen will appear.
Tap ‘Done’ when you are finished editing and then tap ‘Done’ again on the “My Items” screen to exit the edit/delete mode.
How do I show item or plan dimensions with my room design?

Tap bottom ‘Options’ icon and choose ‘Show Item Dimensions’ and/or ‘Show Plan Dimensions’. If these are turned on then they will appear when you email or publish your design. Showing plan dimensions will also display total square ft/m. You can also turn the grid on/off here.

Item Details

How do I add custom textures to items?

  1. Double-tap the item
  2. Tap ‘color’
  3. Choose ‘Custom’ and tap the ‘+’ icon
  4. Pick ‘Take a Picture’ or ‘Choose Existing Photo’ (from your “Camera Roll” or “Photo Library”)
  5. Take a picture or select desired image
  6. Move and scale to include entire pattern and then tap ‘Choose’
  7. Tap ‘Done’
  8. Once you tap ‘Save’ to close item details, the custom texture will be added

How do I delete a custom texture?

  1. Tap either the color, floor or background option and choose ‘Custom’ from the palette popover screen
  2. Select the texture you wish to delete
  3. Tap the trash icon and tap ‘Delete’ to remove or ‘Cancel’ to keep the custom texture