I’m in the Mood for Mod

Tuesday, August 5, 2014 by admin


I’ve been taking a vacation from blogging since we are all busy here at Mark On Call revamping the Mark On Call/DIY App from top to bottom and adding a huge amount of features…look for a totally revamped version later this year.

Mod_Lamp_Red MOD_Fabric2

Busy, yet recent trend spikes and design direction to one of my favorite periods have piqued my interest and relief….so a blog post was necessary!

I have been wondering for a long time if/when people might rediscover the Mod period. Starting in Britain in the early 1960’s, we saw a fresh, groovy take on Modern style that took us through the mid 1960’s; in the U.S., we can see the remnants of Mod showing up in lighting and home furnishings until the early 1970’s…ahhh…always the last to leave the party!

The Mod movement first encompassed music then fashion (Hello…Carnaby Street in London=epicenter of the Mod movement).

MOD_Dress Mod_Group1

Mod represented style that was both Joyful, youthful and irreverent. It took classics and swathed them in fluorescent shades of Yellow, orange and Lime. It pared down classic lines to simple, almost cartoony outlines and silhouettes…yet…it was classic in it’s own way. It especially freed up the norms of dress, grooming and lifestyle.

Mod_Runway mod_Stewardess

It was the 1960’s revolution and Mod Style was a huge part of the revolution.

mod sofaI, for one, thank god the obsession with the 80’s has waned, except that overalls seem to be back…yikes…in my opinion, the worst fashion statement ever. Yes, they are great for working on the farm, in the garage and in the studio…. but seriously…with high heels? Out on the town? And we still have hot pants I guess…I mean the “New Short Shorts”…80’s, 80’s, 80’s.

So now we see a trend towards Mod.

The colors, the silhouettes and especially, fabrics and color ways…both in fashion and Interiors. Not to be confused with modern, Mod was specifically from the early 60’s to the very early 70’s and is experimental, fresh and one or 2 pieces in a room can really up the chic factor…and it’s still relatively inexpensive to invest in some really nice pieces.

Since I have a lighting fetish, I collect one of the most iconic lightolier Mod 1960’s looks…desk lamps by Michael Lax.

Mod_Chair Mod_Chrom_Lax mod_lamp5

Fresh, authentic and a pop of Mod for any room.

Oh yeah, it’s time for a revolution and I’m definitely in the mood for Mod.

Cheers and Laugh like a kid,


Major Trend Watch: Vintage Table Lamps

Friday, October 25, 2013 by Mark

stiffel1I’m crazy for Vintage Lighting…table lamps to be precise. Some of my friends call it a fetish..I can’t really stop looking and scouting at flea markets, garage sales, online sites, resale shops, junk shops…everywhere these days. I’m like a bird to shiny things…show me a beautifully designed and polished vintage table lamp and I’m toast. The problem is that I buy many with the intention of using them on a Design project…but you know what’s coming…I keep most of them. But wait, there's more!

I’ll Take a “Beige” Please…and Add a Side of “Seen it Everywhere”

Friday, May 24, 2013 by Mark

I spent a great long while sitting, talking and really just laughing with an old friend the other day.

He owns a lighting showroom…the old school kind of lighting store that designs, constructs and lovingly delivers absolutely exquisite lampshades, lighting fixtures and lamps…and that great long-lost feeling of exclusivity, rarity and bespoke quality that you rarely come across today.

After shopping for a client for weeks, I had stopped in to see my friend and moan the “Beige-ing of America” and it’s season is in full swing. I had seen a countless number of Linen covered tufted chairs with Ikat throw pillows, linen drapery panels that seamlessly match and to top it off, a chandelier, inside a shade, inside an armillary sphere……a look, that apparently, is “the look” right now. Forced was the only word that came to mind. But wait, there's more!

…The Belated New Years Resolutions (Some Say Rantings) of an Interior Designer (…and Suggestions for All DIY Disciples)

Monday, January 21, 2013 by Mark


In the interest of keeping myself sane and focused, I like to state new and restate old Design resolutions at the beginning of every year.

But, admittedly, it’s like resolving to lose weight, exercise more and go on endless travel binges…reality creeps in and you give in to schedules, responsibilities and having the same will power of your average house cat…but here it goes anyway…wish me luck in my resolve….

1. Even though I’ve been breathlessly told by all sources that Emerald is the color of the year…I won’t use it even though I love it. I always believed (and still do) that great design is being an individual and taking chances and working outside of the prescribed box and what is on trend (or more precisely…been TOLD that something is on trend). I suggest that we all revolt and just to turn things upside down…declare that this is the year of But wait, there's more!

Welcome to my Tiki Bar (Or: How do I Personalize My Workspace and Still be Taken Seriously?)

Tuesday, July 31, 2012 by Mark

This is a question that I get asked a lot…really a lot!

As Americans spend more and more time in their offices; whether at home or in a corporate building, the desire to personalize their spaces becomes stronger and inescapable.

There’s a fine line though between a personal space But wait, there's more!