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Tuesday, August 5, 2014 by admin


I’ve been taking a vacation from blogging since we are all busy here at Mark On Call revamping the Mark On Call/DIY App from top to bottom and adding a huge amount of features…look for a totally revamped version later this year.

Mod_Lamp_Red MOD_Fabric2

Busy, yet recent trend spikes and design direction to one of my favorite periods have piqued my interest and relief….so a blog post was necessary!

I have been wondering for a long time if/when people might rediscover the Mod period. Starting in Britain in the early 1960’s, we saw a fresh, groovy take on Modern style that took us through the mid 1960’s; in the U.S., we can see the remnants of Mod showing up in lighting and home furnishings until the early 1970’s…ahhh…always the last to leave the party!

The Mod movement first encompassed music then fashion (Hello…Carnaby Street in London=epicenter of the Mod movement).

MOD_Dress Mod_Group1

Mod represented style that was both Joyful, youthful and irreverent. It took classics and swathed them in fluorescent shades of Yellow, orange and Lime. It pared down classic lines to simple, almost cartoony outlines and silhouettes…yet…it was classic in it’s own way. It especially freed up the norms of dress, grooming and lifestyle.

Mod_Runway mod_Stewardess

It was the 1960’s revolution and Mod Style was a huge part of the revolution.

mod sofaI, for one, thank god the obsession with the 80’s has waned, except that overalls seem to be back…yikes…in my opinion, the worst fashion statement ever. Yes, they are great for working on the farm, in the garage and in the studio…. but seriously…with high heels? Out on the town? And we still have hot pants I guess…I mean the “New Short Shorts”…80’s, 80’s, 80’s.

So now we see a trend towards Mod.

The colors, the silhouettes and especially, fabrics and color ways…both in fashion and Interiors. Not to be confused with modern, Mod was specifically from the early 60’s to the very early 70’s and is experimental, fresh and one or 2 pieces in a room can really up the chic factor…and it’s still relatively inexpensive to invest in some really nice pieces.

Since I have a lighting fetish, I collect one of the most iconic lightolier Mod 1960’s looks…desk lamps by Michael Lax.

Mod_Chair Mod_Chrom_Lax mod_lamp5

Fresh, authentic and a pop of Mod for any room.

Oh yeah, it’s time for a revolution and I’m definitely in the mood for Mod.

Cheers and Laugh like a kid,


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