I’ll Take a “Beige” Please…and Add a Side of “Seen it Everywhere”

Friday, May 24, 2013 by Mark

I spent a great long while sitting, talking and really just laughing with an old friend the other day.

He owns a lighting showroom…the old school kind of lighting store that designs, constructs and lovingly delivers absolutely exquisite lampshades, lighting fixtures and lamps…and that great long-lost feeling of exclusivity, rarity and bespoke quality that you rarely come across today.

After shopping for a client for weeks, I had stopped in to see my friend and moan the “Beige-ing of America” and it’s season is in full swing. I had seen a countless number of Linen covered tufted chairs with Ikat throw pillows, linen drapery panels that seamlessly match and to top it off, a chandelier, inside a shade, inside an armillary sphere……a look, that apparently, is “the look” right now. Forced was the only word that came to mind.

…And apparently, it seems, copied by entire neighborhoods, condominium towers and even hotels…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

So, back to my conversation with my friend with the Lighting showroom. I was lamenting that there was no individualism in design anymore…that everything has morphed into the same look…be it a Designer showroom, high-end retail home store or even a trendy vintage furniture store…they seem to have all adhered to the give ’em what they want; and lots of it…a tried and true method to make money for mid-level retailers…rather than, Put it out on the floor and show the people what’s next; the innovative approach that the Bloomingdale’s of old adhered to back in the day.

It’s a hard pill to swallow, but sometimes you just have to be decorative not like your neighbor, or brother, sister or friendly neighborhood home store…but like yourself. I think that as a whole, people have become way to shy when putting themselves out there and trusting their taste and instincts and choosing a sofa, rug, chandelier that is totally them and no one else; a color that isn’t really on trend but makes their heart sing; a detail or accessory that reminds them of something very personal rather than an accessory that anyone can own…of course since 150,000 of those silver balls have been produced!

Great accessories come from you, your travels, your day at the Flea Market…

The lesson today is to personalize. Anyone can make a model home but only you can make a space that feeds your soul.

It’s Summer! Laugh like a kid,


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