…The Belated New Years Resolutions (Some Say Rantings) of an Interior Designer (…and Suggestions for All DIY Disciples)

Monday, January 21, 2013 by Mark


In the interest of keeping myself sane and focused, I like to state new and restate old Design resolutions at the beginning of every year.

But, admittedly, it’s like resolving to lose weight, exercise more and go on endless travel binges…reality creeps in and you give in to schedules, responsibilities and having the same will power of your average house cat…but here it goes anyway…wish me luck in my resolve….

1. Even though I’ve been breathlessly told by all sources that Emerald is the color of the year…I won’t use it even though I love it. I always believed (and still do) that great design is being an individual and taking chances and working outside of the prescribed box and what is on trend (or more precisely…been TOLD that something is on trend). I suggest that we all revolt and just to turn things upside down…declare that this is the year of
Avocado Green noooo…Harvest Gold (just kidding…but hey…makes you think, huh?).

Viking2. I’m returning to the classics. It’s time to revisit a classically beautiful white Duck fabric with Dark Blue piping (On a sofa for sure…but no kids and pets please!)…A classic pinch pleated drape made out of dressmakers wool crepe (Nothing drapes better or hangs better…. like a beautifully tailored suit)…a room that is classically eclectic in style so it looks like it evolved over years of garage sales, dumpster diving and then on to your first major purchase, usually a bed and/or sofa, and finally, all of the hand me downs, inherited family heirlooms and all in one room…a great look with Patina.

3. Rethink the use of Stainless Steel appliances in the kitchen and revisit color. Most of the high-end appliance lines are introducing and reintroducing color lines…Check out Viking to get some great idea about the return to color in appliances to add warmth and character to a kitchen.

4. I hereby declare that we have way overused Nickel hardware, Lighting and plumbing fixtures and its time to experiment with mixing other metal finishes, both tried and true like Brass and Chrome (But in Satin finishes) as well as unfinished/Raw Brass.

Faucet Faucet2

5. Depending who you ask, It’s still the year of the bargain (which I do believe) so shop around and do your homework when making purchases. Get creative and think about purchasing the less expensive dresser but changing the hardware to really over the top knobs…this trick makes the whole piece look like a lot more money. Another trick is to shop second hand stores and consignment shops for some of the best lighting and lamps in the world…just remember, the way to really elevate your find…. a great well-made shade. So a one dollar lamp + a one hundred-dollar shade = a pricey vintage look that gives a room depth and character.

Vintage lamps

6.Always laugh like a kid.


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