Spring is in the Air

Friday, February 24, 2012 by Mark

I love Spring.

New beginnings and a fresh start on many levels. It’s a season that has possibility in the air…people making plans for Summer, the days get longer and there is a decided feeling of “I made it through another Winter…thank God!”

It’s the best time of the year to make changes…in your life and your home and surroundings…paint the walls, spray paint your cocktail table, add a bright and beachy woven rug to your floor…what the &%##@…paint the floors!! (I love painted floors!!)

In celebration of Spring, I love putting together my list of things and places that I love, that are classically fresh and Fun with sense of ease and to me…say SPRING with a capitol “S”…and hopefully will help you get inspired, agree with me, disagree with me, think about something that you’ve put away in the back of your head for a long long time…or call an old friend to reminisce about some crazy vacation that the 2 of you took….long ago….in Spring.

I.Cape Cod

II.Black and White striped awnings

III.Boxwood Topiaries (I know…done…but I still love ‘em)

IV.Datson 240Z….in white …classically hot!

V.Colors to love: Clear, edible Yellow,

Creamsicle Orange, Summer Sky Blue…Aqua

VI.Painted wood floors

VII.Ceramic pitchers shaped like fruit

VIII.Vintage painted

glassware…. with ice tea and big slices of Lemon

IX.White High Gloss woodwork with Black doors…. anywhere and anytime!

X.Vintage Alain Mikli eyeglass Frames…the older the better! Still soooo cool.

As always…laugh like you were a child again!!


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